Lies Like Wildfire by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

Category : Fiction

Genre : YA Thriller

No. of Pages : 384 Pages

Format : E-Book

Expected Publication Date : September 07, 2021

Read Date : September 01, 2021


Rating : 4/5⭐

Recommendation : Yes

Wildfires: What do you know about them? Honestly, I didn’t know much except for the loss of flora & fauna as well as the pollution they cause. So this is the first reason to read the book.

Second of all, it’s a thriller – Wildfire mingled with a murder mystery. Now, that’s a combination that I’ve never encountered.

Hannah, Drummer, Mo, Luke & Violet decide to spend their last summer before college, together at the Gap Mountain, a small town in California. A mountain range with a lake & surrounded by woods. Everything’s going smoothly, until one of them accidentally starts a fire – a wildfire.

As the investigation into arresting the person responsible for the wildfire continues, one of the five friends is killed. The lie that began as a cover-up for the wildfire continues to inflate and spread. Was the secret that tied them all together, now the cause of the death of one of their own? Was all their lying worth it?

The part of the book that describes the wildfire, the destruction it causes and its investigation is so well researched. I found that part of the book very informative. The second part that focuses on the murder investigation was equally compelling to me.

The plot develops at a decent speed in the first half gaining momentum in the latter. The characters are perfectly suited for the young-adult genre in terms of their thought process. The language is lucid & easy to understand.

All in all, I enjoyed it!

Thank you @TheWriteReads & @penguinplatform for having me onboard for this blog tour.

About the Author

Jennifer Lynn Alvarez earned her B.A. in English Literature from the University of California, Berkeley. She is the author of two middle-grade fantasy series, The Guardian Herd and Riders of the Realm, and she’s the Sonoma County Coordinator for SCBWI. Jennifer also supports public libraries by volunteering for her county’s Library Advisory Board. Lies Like Wildfire is her debut young adult novel and her first thriller. Jennifer lives on a small ranch in Northern California with her family, horses, and more than her fair share of pets.

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