A Sky Beyond The Storm (#4 Ember Quartet) by Sabaa Tahir

Category : Fiction

Genre : YA Fantasy

No. of Pages : 516 Pages

Format : E-Book    

Publication Date : December 01, 2020

Read Date : May 15, 2021

Rating : 2.75/5

Recommendation : Yes, if you want to finish the series *eye-roll*, which you will cause of the cliffhangers in book #3.

The story continues being told in the three POVs – Elias, Laia & Helene & the Nightbringer’s story is on too.

Elias has now become a dedicated Soul Catcher. Laia is in search of the Nightbringer’s story in order to know him, to learn anything she can about how to defeat him. Helene needs to win back Antium. The Nightbringer is still not done with his revenge, so he keeps going on & on hunting humans. Keris’s greed for power knows no bounds & she’s busy conquering various lands.

Amidst all this, it’s the Augur’s prophecy that still stands unresolved. A prophecy that Elias, Laia & Helene know will come true. They’ve had visions of the upcoming danger, but what is it & how do they fight it? How will Laia be able to defeat the Nightbringer who is much more powerful than her with all his magic? Since Keris is backed with a huge army of Masks, how will Helene defeat her?

I felt there was a lot of repetitiveness in the narration, which was the first turn off. Elias’s character is same till the end of the book – doesn’t know what he actually wants. Laia – I absolutely loved her character development in the three books, by the end of the third book I was in awe of that GIRL’S determination. Yes, it was the normal girl I loved not the new one who has magic now. Her character fell flat for me that very moment.

Helene again grabbed the show, for me. I loved her in this book as well. Her battle with the Karkauns – that’s the kind I wanted Laia to have witb the Nightbringer….a normal girl with sharp brains.

Keris – Tahir created such an EVIL & SPINE-CHILLING HUMAN VILLIAN, that the way her character was brought down didn’t do justice to her. It was just not so Keris like. I was so excited to read her backstory, but what we got, didn’t actually say much about her. She deserved a much intense backstory & an equally smart & arduous downfall.

The finale – & like all the series I’ve ever read, this too didn’t match the levels of its prequels. Oh! How I loved the last three books *sigh*! It felt like the series was ended well but the road to the end wasn’t justified.

Happy Reading, until next time!

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