Double Identity by Alison Morton

Category : Fiction

Genre : Murder Mystery

No. of Pages : 338 Pages

Format : E-Book    

Publication Date : January 7, 2021

Read Date : March 10, 2021

Rating : 3.75/5 ⭐

Mélisende des Pittones has ended her career in French Army to live the rest of her life with Gérard Rohlbert. Only, one fine morning she finds him dead right besides herself. Mel is now the prime suspect of her fiance’s murder.

The book follows Mel’s journey in proving her innocence & reaching the real criminals. In the process to do so, she’s going to unravel the truth about Gérard, a side of him totally unknown to her.

The plot line is quite intriguing, but it develops at a slow pace. So much happens during Mel’s journey to reach the truth amidst all the police procedures. There were a good many plot twists to keep the reader hooked.

There are very many characters involved, with two investigative bodies. Mel’s character is a very strong, independent & confident one, someone who takes charge of their life without any other person’s assistance. I loved every bit of her. Other than her the character of Inspector Jeff McCracken was fun. I enjoyed reading how they tolerated & dealt with each other. Other characters are presented in a perfect shady way such that readers can’t help but doubt their involvement.

The language is lucid with a rich vocabulary & few French phrases here & there. Expect a lot of action. Some parts of the mystery & its unraveling were unputdownable.

It was a good read for me! Do pick it up.

Thank you @DamppebblesBTs for having me onboard for the blog tour!

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